• Welcome to Better Health!

  • Welcome to Better Health!

  • Welcome to Better Health!

Nationally Respected

The Gonestead method is an nationally and internationally respected discipline in Chiropractic care. This hands on method of spinal manipulation provides uncanny relief.

Be A Star

Get the attention you deserve with the one on one personal care provided by Dr. Regan and his friendly staff. His attention to detail and wealth of knowledge will empower you.

Scientifically Based

Chiropractic care based on solid, proven scientific research. Dr. Regan's over 25 years of experience and knowledge give you careful and precise treatment.

Personal Knowledge

Dr. Regan takes the time to get to know you personally. He learns what works for you and what doesn't. You are not just another appointment here, but a person we care for.

The Total Picture

Personal care during your treatment in our home town facility, and expert advice to take with you, make each appointment another milestone on your way to better health.

Accurate Data Analysis

Dr. Regan takes the time to examine each patients case, and history to develop custom targeted treatment for your body. He understands each one of us is different.